Baseball looks beyond wins and losses


Maria Valentina Medrano Veracierta

A Pirate lines a single to right.

Maria Valentina Medrano Veracierta, Reporter

The high school baseball season is an exciting time for both players and fans.

“I think the ultimate achievement would be playing for a MSL championship,” head coach Paul Belo said.

With a week left of the season, that unfortunately will not happen. The Pirates ended their season with a 6-10 conference record, making them short of their goal. 

However this season was far from a failure. 

“I do think this was a good season because I have learned so much about myself that I didn’t know beforehand, which is always good,” senior Joe Pieper said. “To me, baseball is an escape from school, it’s a great way to socialize and have fun with friends while also competing.”

It’s really complicated for student-athletes to manage time with school, sports, and personal life. In order to stay organized some athletes have to set a schedule.

“I like to have a set schedule for everything I do,” Pieper said. “I  also try to reduce the amount of time I play video games during the week.” Setting a schedule is important for student-athletes because it forces them to learn how to not waste time on things that keep them away from reaching their goals. 

During the spring, some baseball athletes at PHS had to overcome difficulties. 

“I’m kind of going through some adversity right now,” senior Thomas Coroneos said. “I got surgery on my shoulder in April and missed my entire baseball season, but although it sucks it’s given me a better perspective on things and how much worse my situation could be.” This matters because you can experience different points of view. Bad things happen for a reason. This helps you to be better and to trust your gut.  

“My injury did force me to miss a lot of school, so staying motivated at the end of senior year while trying to catch up on missing work wasn’t fun,” Coroneos said.

Win or lose, the team continued putting effort every day to get better.

“A coach I look up to very much is Coach Belo,” Coroneos said. “He has taught me so much about the game and life, He’s taught me invaluable things that I will hold on to my whole life. A player I look up to very much is Charlie Soukup. He is one of if not the best teammate I’ve ever had. I hope one day I can be as good a teammate, leader, and person as Charlie one day.

Being united matters because it creates bonds that can last a lifetime. This also shows that the coach is a supportive leader to his players. He shows to be a person who encourages his players to do their best. Every game Coach Belo is there. This is significant because they have someone to rely on and to trust who can push them to be the best and shows them to never give up.