Sariah Corona
Sariah Corona signed up for Journalism 1 in hopes for writing news and different articles herself because she loves writing and being able to have the freedom to voice her opinions on current events. Corona states that "Being a team player means not letting a group member fall behind." She also says that it means that you keep everyone on track at the same time. Corona is passionate about her morals and views in today's society. And her art which mostly consists of drawing, but she is taking a painting class to help expand her interest and artistic talents. She dreams of figuring out her future plans, for example, what she wants to major in. She says that she wants to do a few things but needs to pick one or two. Her options are Law, psychology, and education. In 5 years Corona wants to be graduated, in college and have a steady job.

Sariah Corona, Reporter

Feb 05, 2018
Learning beyond the classroom (Story)
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