Teagan Albin
Teagan is a senior at palatine high school. Her greatest passion is cosmetology (hair and makeup) and what motivates her is getting an education and going to college. Teagan doesn't work well under pressure, she likes to pay attention to the little details. Her greatest strength academically is science, due to being naturally good at it and her weakness is history because she believes there is a lot of memorization involved. The reason Teagan is in journalism is because she had a conflict in her schedule, but she does like the fact that there's writing and she gets to learn new things and has grown to enjoy the class. Teagan enjoys listening to alternative music, mostly because she grew up listening to it. Though her least favorite is rap because it's repetitive and overplayed. Teagan likes to figure out things in her head and planning ahead.

Teagan Albin, Reporter

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