Read Receipts

December 10, 2019

Two girls taking on junior year of high school. We’ll discuss the ups and downs of topics relevant, relatable, and interesting to our lives.

Self Care Queens- Episode 5

*Warning* (Beginning segment may be loud, so this is a warning for earbud users!!)

This episode we talk about self care, what products we use, and what things people need to do in order to have wonderful hygiene!

TV and Movie Recommendations- Episode 4

We give recommendations about tv shows and movies that we’ve watched recently.

New Year, New Me- Episode 3

It’s 2020 and that means New Year’s resolutions! We’re going to discuss our opinions on resolutions and if they’re worth making.

Christmas- Episode 2

It’s Christmastime, ’tis the season!

Awkward situations- Episode 1

In this episode, we ask each other questions that may or may not put you into an awkward situation.

Introduction to Read Receipts

In this preview to future episodes, we introduce ourselves, bring up some topics we’ll talk about in episodes, and the best way to contact us (Twitter —–> @receiptsread).

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