2017-2018 Staff

Nataly Panczyk

A&E Editor

Nataly Panczyk is currently a sophomore at Palatine High School. She is involved in many activities in addition to Cutlass including Pirates and Politics, Poms, and Service Club. She also works with the Palatine Park District...

Janaleigh Muszynsky

News Editor

Janaleigh Muszynsky is a senior in high school. Muszynsky has plans to go to Eastern Illinois University, with a major in journalism and minor in music and Spanish. Her dream job is to be the head editor for the Rolling Stone...

Fidan Malikova

Features Editor

Fidan loves playing the piano, tennis, and of course writing. She loves writing about journalism, fiction, and even poetry. This is her third year being a part of Cutlass, and being an editor. She was the A&E editor her freshmen...

Julia Plesniak

Copy Editor

Julia Plesniak is a sophmore at Palatine High School. Her hobbies include playing the piano and writing. She has always wanted to write and become a journalist, but she also wants to someday write a novel. During her younger years...

Parker Sanchez

Sports Editor

Parker is a 17 year old senior at Palatine High School. He is a copy editor for the Cutlass. He was born in Seattle, Washington. He has 2 younger brothers, 3 dogs, and 3 birds. In the spring he plays for the varsity volleyball...

Ande Poffenberger

Photography Editor

Ande Poffenberger is a sophomore and the photography editor for Cutlass. She is passionate for art, music and photography. She plays in the orchestra and wants to continue playing her instrument after she graduates from high school.

Monika Juras

Opinions Editor

Monika Juras is a senior at Palatine High School. She enjoys reading adventure and fantasy novels, writing, riding her bike, and spending time with friends. Monika likes a variety of music genres, although she prefers alternative...

Nicole Ruiz


A lover of arts and all dogs, Nicole Ruiz is a girl that finds entertainment in everything. Writing is everything she loves; The many ideas and words pent up over time pouring out of her mind gives her happiness. When her fingertips...

Lilibeth Arreola


Lilibeth Arreola is currently a senior who happens to be in CPD, Foreign Exchange, Culture Awareness, and many more activities. Arreola aspires to major in Architecture after high school and use Architecture to cause some sort...

Sara Lizak


Sara Lizak is a sophomore at PHS. She is an active participant on theDebate Team as a Lincoln Douglas debater. Sara is interested in philosophy as well as politics and hopes to expand her knowledge on both of those topics. She...

Marissa Guzman


Marissa Guzman is a senior at PHS. She is president of Art club and also interested in pursing art as a career and would hopefully like to be a well known artist. Her interest with art started at a young age and she has continued...

Tiffany Steigerwald


Tiffany Steigerwald is a dancer and writer that is interested in expanding her knowledge on journalism. After high school, she hopes to continue dancing and writing at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. When she's not dancing...

Sariah Corona


Sariah Corona signed up for Journalism 1 in hopes for writing news and different articles herself because she loves writing and being able to have the freedom to voice her opinions on current events. Corona states that "Being...

Anusha Jayaprakash


Anusha Jayaprakash is a wide variety of things. Anusha is searching for a life out of the ordinary and wishes to experience the world and get out of the average town of Palatine. She is an outspoken activist for equality and justice....

Jack Whisler


Jack Whisler is signed up for this class because he has an interest in writing and wants to become better at it. And although he claims to be a pessimist, he seems to be a hard worker. He would rather complete a job knowing the...

Ryan Mackinnon


Ryan Mackinnon is a senior at Palatine High school. You can find him hanging out with friends or working at Dunkin Donuts outside of school. Ryan is interested in writing and hopes to have a career in it.

Ally Michelle Quesada


Ally Michelle Quesada is 17 years old, and about to turn 18 in September. She is Costa Rican and the second youngest of 4. Quesada is a preachers kid. She loves makeup and gardening. She plays the acoustic guitar and the piano....

Kayla Luksch


Kayla Luksch is a sweet, down to earth girl who is very independent and hardworking. She loves to learn and wants to study nursing or kinesiology in college. She is musically talented and can play the piano and ukulele. Luksch...

Leo Franco


Leo Franco is a senior at PHS. From this class, Leo is expecting a lot of writing but is not looking forward to it. Leo had said that he works well under pressure but only because he is constantly under pressure due to his work ...

Will Riordan


Will Riordan is a 17 year old year old senior at Palatine High School. In the Fall Will plays Varsity Soccer for Palatine, and is one of the head leaders for Palatines Varsity Club during the year. In the spring he plays Club...

Amber Domanus


Amber Domanus  is very aware of her faults and works to improve herself. She knows what she wants to do with her life and has a very clear vision for her future.  She also understands the importance of communication, and her...

Crystal Castellanos


Crystal Castellanos is a senior who's hoping to go into teaching 5th or 6th graders. She likes classical music and reading and wishes she could meet her  great grandmother who was very similar to her. She looks up to her mom...

Mariana Fronimos


Mariana Fronimos is an amazing girl that is excited to be in this class. She is a cheerleader, played the piano, and is a very passionate writer. Fronimos wants to write about fashion as well as important current events.

Alex Stone


Alex Stone is a freshman at Palatine High School who loves photography. In his free time, he writes short stories and little news pieces. He got inspired to join Cutlass when he opened the website and read some of the articles...

Abigail Zuercher


Abigail is a young cellist and singer that loves spending time reading fantasy novels and participating on the Science Olympiad and Math team. As a child she grew up listening to a variety of music genres including peruvian folk...

Abra Richardson


Abra Richardson is an amazing and smart girl who enjoys writing. She has the intention to doing things well and wants to write about photography and sports. She helped create poetry slam club at school. If she could visit three...

Caroline Philbin


Caroline Philbin is a junior at Palatine who enjoys photography and journalism. She wants to go to a college in Wisconsin to study interior design, photography, and journalism. Outside of the classroom Caroline plays hockey for Maine...

Maya Herbst


Maya Herbst is a freshman this year. She has a passion in photography & is in photo club. She wants to get into interior design throughout high school & college.

Joann Diep


Joann Diep is a junior at Palatine who is involved in Service Club and Foreign Exchange Club to name a couple extracurriculars. Listening to music, finding articles and more texts to read, assembling outfits, and writing her thoughts...

Alexandra Ramirez


Alexandra Ramirez is a senior at Palatine High school. She is the youngest child out of three in her family. Her favorite hobbies are running and weight lifting. She is enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and plans to become...

Shrey Parikh


Shrey Parikh is a junior at Palatine and a 2036 presidential candidate. He is a member of the Cross Country team and participates in Math Team and Scholastic Bowl as well. Parikh is very passionate about movies and hopes to...

Acacia Ramirez


Acacia Ramirez is a junior at Palatine High School. She loves spreading positivity and meeting new people. Acacia spends most of her time writing, meditating, and enjoying the beauty of nature. She believes that love can change...

Edwin Perez-Hernandez


Edwin is okay. Not great, but okay. He has some interest like editing and photography. He is currently in the speech team. Edwin is also involved in photography club and is hoping to soon join the volleyball team.

Lily Morris


Lily Morris is a junior at Palatine High School who is involved in several activities at school. She is a co-president of Equality Club, and is a member of the Palatine Political Action Club, Gender Sexuality Alliance, choir,...

Gary Guzman


Gary Guzman is a sophomore in high school and is always at school doing random things. Guzman likes to take pictures because he has nothing else to do in school

Soraya Elhoumaidi


Soraya is a hardworking junior who enjoys writing and getting to know people. She loves journalism and photography. She hopes to one day move to New York and have a successful career.

Sam Imlay


Sam Imlay is a junior at Palatine High school. She enjoys writing and hopes one day to publish a novel. Her dream school is U of I Champaign-Urbana with interest in Law.

Haley Holz


Haley Holz is a junior at Palatine. She loves to write and hopes to one day publish her own book. Haley has been on the varsity volleyball team for three years and has been playing club volleyball for six. In addition to volleyball,...

Meghan Fortunato


This is Meghan Fortunato. She has good studying habits when it comes to academics. She considers herself a cat person which means that she is in independent person. She works well under pressure and is motivated by succeeding...

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