2018-2019 Staff

Andrew Duran


Andrew Duran is a Junior at Palatine High School and enjoys photography and reading. Outside of class, Andrew is a part of varsity Cross-Country and Track. He plans to pursue a college major in Computer Science with a minor in Spanish. One of his life goals is to be...

Cymphany Williams


Cymphany Williams is a junior at Palatine High School. If she's not sleeping, she's drawing for Cutlass, performing Slam Poetry, jamming out at Rock Music Club, or building robots. Her favorite book genres are crime fiction and...

Liz Velasco


Liz Velasco is a sophomore at Palatine High school. Some things she’s involved in is Orchesis and Woods at PHS. Outside of school she loves travel and taking pictures to share with friends and family.

Will Schneider


Will Schneider is an A&E writer, specializing in movie and video game media. His favorite genres are horror, sci-fi, and action, but he will generally watch or play anything so long as it’s entertaining. His favorite movie,...

Russel Wagner


My name is Russel Wagner. I am a senior at Palatine High School and I make the football videos here at PHS. What I do is I go to all the football games and film them on my camera, and then I make a highlight reel of all the best...

Roni Pikor


Roni is currently a Freshman at Palatine High School. Some of her hobbies include swimming, drawing, photography, and writing. As a future career she aspires to be a pharmacist or something in the medical field. For now at PHS...

Caraline Anderson

Opinions Editor

Caraline Anderson is a junior at Palatine High School. When she’s not arguing her opinions, she’s reading. She has wanted to be a writer from a young age when she was enthralled by the Magic Tree House series. Nowadays she’s...

Brett Novosad


Brett Novosad, who is a sophomore at Palatine High School, is doing his first year of Cutlass. He is also involved in PTV as a grip, editor, and sometimes an anchor. He is going to be involved in a few activities besides Cutlass...

Emily Panczyk


Emily Panczyk is a freshman at Palatine High School. Along with being involved in Cutlass, she’s a member of Varsity Poms and plans to join Student Council and Aquarium Club. Her favorite things to do outside of school include...

Alekhya Thotakura


Alekhya Thotakura is currently a freshman at Palatine High School. She likes playing the violin, hanging out with friends, and going outside. Her favorite time of year is Christmas season. She plans on improving her writing this...

Amelia Donlin


Amelia Donlin is currently a freshman here at Palatine. She enjoys writing, playing basketball, running track, and hanging out with friends. This is her first year on Cutlass. She is very passionate about writing and hopes to...

Jane Spencer

News Editor

Jane Spencer is currently a freshman at Palatine High School and it is her first year doing Cutlass. Along with Cutlass she is also a part of Math Team and Scholastic Bowl. Reading has always been a passion for Jane and she hopes...

Sophie Rohr


Sophie Rohr is a Freshman at Palatine High School. She enjoys acting, improv and choir. Other than theatre, she doesn’t do all that much, but hopes to find new interests in high school. She also enjoys writing a lot and hopes...

Brielle Patel


Brielle Patel is a Freshman at Palatine High School. Along with Cutlass, she is also doing HOSA, Science Olympiad, and Math Team. She loves to read, play sports, photography, and hanging out with her friends. She is also currently...

Ava Paseka


Ava is currently a freshman at Palatine High School. Ava likes to play her viola, spend time outside, photography and hanging out with her friends. This is her first year at Cutlass and hopes to improve her skills as a photographer....

Nataly Panczyk

A&E Editor

Nataly Panczyk is currently a junior at Palatine High School. She is involved in many activities in addition to Cutlass including Pirates and Politics, Poms, and TRUST. She also works with the Palatine Park District Dance Company...

Fidan Malikova

Features Editor

Fidan loves playing the piano, tennis, and of course writing. She loves writing about journalism, fiction, and even poetry. This is her fourth year being a part of Cutlass, and being an editor. She was the A&E editor her...

Julia Plesniak

Copy Editor

Julia is a junior at PHS, who not only loves a good book, but writing them too. Throughout the years, she has taken inspiration from many works, known or masked from the public eye. She has always wanted to be an impactful writer....

Caroline Philbin

Sports Editor

Caroline Philbin is a senior at Palatine who enjoys photography and journalism. She plans to attend Loyola University, Chicago with a major in journalism and a minor in photography. Outside of the class she plays hockey for Maine...

Joann Diep

Social Media/Photography Editor

Joann Diep is a senior at Palatine who is a part of Service Club and Foreign Exchange Club. Listening to music, hanging out with friends, and doing the spontaneous are some of her favorite hobbies. She also has an interest in...

Shrey Parikh


Shrey Parikh is a senior at Palatine and a 2036 presidential candidate. He is a member of the Cross Country team and participates in Math Team and Scholastic Bowl as well. Parikh is very passionate about movies and hopes to...

Edwin Perez-Hernandez


Edwin is better than okay. Not great, but still up there. He has some interest like editing and photography. He is currently in the speech team and has been captain of said speech team for two years now! Edwin is also involved...

Soraya Elhoumaidi


Soraya is a hardworking senior who enjoys writing and getting to know people. She loves journalism and photography. She hopes to one day move to New York and have a successful career.

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