Warmer weather brings out athletes

Citizens kept in pairs or with families to help keep the spread contained while outside.

Monika Jurevicius, Sports Editor

As the temperature tops to the 60s in northern Illinois, the residents of Palatine go outside to enjoy as much as they can before storms roll in the next few days. Activities like running, biking, and rollerblading were top options for people. 

A popular trail by Lake Louise Elementary in the area attracted many. The trail goes from Lindberg Park by Lake Heatherstone and goes all the way to Jane Adams Elementary school. Walkers and athletes can take in sites like the creek, lake, parks, and greenery of the suburbs. As well, many animals came out of hiding to seek food for the new-found season. 

“I enjoy how the bike trails are calm and peaceful and show you around Palatine,” Gabija Gricius, a student at Winston Campus Junior High School, says. “It’s really easy to navigate [through areas with the trail].”

However, people could not play on the field of Lindberg Park. There were no recreational soccer games to be played anywhere you went. Nets on fields like the park’s and Falcon Park Recreation Center have been taken away and put into storage. The reason for this is to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“While parks and trails remain open, it is still not acceptable to be in large groups. Many people chose to disregard the Governor’s order and in return, the Park District has received an extraordinary amount of messages from concerned patrons about the volume of gatherings,” Palatine Park District says on their website about recreational site closures. PPD urges people to obey new regulations set by the Governor, or there will be consequences. Playgrounds have been closed and water fountains have been turned off due to the virus being able to linger on its surfaces. Athletics equipment has been put away or covered for no further use.

The suspension of fields and playgrounds does not close all recreational areas and paths for people. There are three bike routes you may take within Palatine to get an experience within nature or you can use the bike lanes to ride cross town on. If you’d like to play a game of frisbee or disc golf with your family,  the Disc Golf Course at Margreth Riemer Reservoir Park remains open. 

Health officials still highly recommend staying active during the social distancing period as much as you can. Bringing water bottles are crucial to stay hydrated since water fountains have been turned off.  Athletes may work out outdoors as long as you are keeping a safe distance and only doing it in an open area. Bike routes can average a total of 4.7 miles to 6.7 depending on what direction you go. For workouts to be done in your preferred setting, sites like Youtube and Google will find them for you.