TikTok stars face backlash after maskless parties


screenshot from @brycehall TikTok feed

Popular TikToker Bryce Hall is in trouble with fans after throwing large party.

Yilin Li, Reporter

Popular TikTok stars have been reported of throwing large parties during the global pandemic, either for celebrating birthdays or just for fun. These parties exceed the CDC recommendation of people and often none of the partygoers are wearing masks. These parties have received considerable criticism from fans, and even large celebrities. 

Tiktok star and Sway House member Bryce Hall was under hot water for hosting a large party in celebration of his 21st birthday. Over 100 maskless attendees were at the party. A portion of the list of the people invited to Bryce’s birthday party was posted on TikTok Room, an Instagram page reporting on gossip and drama about TikTok and its well known users.

“It’s really irresponsible of them,” Nicole Canfield, PHS sophomore, said. “There’s a pandemic going on, and it’s unsafe to hang out with so many people at once.”

Many fans were very upset at the stars for breaking CDC guidelines during the pandemic. Most of these influencers have issued an apology to the public, saying that they are aware of how serious the pandemic is. Moving forward they said they will make sure to stay inside and social distance.

However, to some, it isn’t the parties that people are unhappy with.

“I don’t care if they’re partying because that’s their choice,” Junior Banisree Chakraborty said. “I’m upset that they’re choosing to post it to the public, where a bunch of younger people will see. They know they have followers that are younger, and aren’t as capable of making smart decisions by themselves. If they see their favorites partying, then they’ll think it’s alright too. It’s like monkey see, monkey do.” 

Canfield also said that parties should be avoided at all costs if possible. However, if they are absolutely necessary, then strict CDC guidelines should be implemented such as masks and staying six feet away from others.

Canfield and Chakraborty both agree that TikTok stars should not be given the influencer title so easily, especially if they are known to make questionable decisions. 

“Influencers should be people that inspire others positively and bring joy to others during hard times,” Chakraborty said.