Students share thoughts on hybrid learning as PHS prepares to restart in-person learning


courtesy of the d211 website

District 211 is the second largest high school district in Illinois.

Jane Spencer, News Editor

As PHS prepares to start hybrid learning again after taking a two-week hiatus due to an increase of Covid-19 cases, students share their thoughts on the hybrid system.

For many students being able to attend in-person school again was a relief. 

“It was really nice to get back into the classroom,” Junior Sofia Annerino said. “Especially for my harder classes like math and physics. Getting to see my teachers made learning a lot easier.”

Palatine plans to restart hybrid learning on Monday Dec. 7 starting with the Palatine group in school and the Pirates group online.

“I’m excited to get back into the building again and hopefully start heading back towards normalcy,” Senior Maggie O’Brien said. “When we went back to hybrid a couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed being back even though the class sizes were small and we were following a new set of rules to keep us safe.”

The combination of in-person and online students left teachers with the difficult task of teaching both at the same time. 

“I was sometimes frustrated with how a couple of teachers managed both in-person and online students,” Junior Melanie Reidel said. “While I understand that it is extremely hard teaching two different methods at the same time, I had a few teachers that would sort of forget to multitask.” 

Students are given the option to attend in-person school every other week or stay home and do all e-learning.

“There’s just an element of school that’s missing when I don’t get to talk with my friends in class,” Olivia Riley, who chose to do all e-learning, said. “I just wish I could meet my teachers and see my friends.”

Some students tried to look for positives during hybrid learning.

“It’s not ideal, but there have been some advantages to having hybrid,” Junior Coralyn Johnson said. “Being able to go into school for a week at a time made me realize how much I actually appreciate our school and the staff. It has definitely made me realize to take nothing for granted and to be grateful for what I’ve got.”

“I have high hopes for the future hybrid schedule!” O’Brien said.