PHS boys basketball reflects on the winter sports season


Courtesy of PHS Spotlight

Within the PHS community, this school year will be one of the most unique for the school’s seniors. “Yes kids, we actually played basketball with masks on my senior year,” Millstone jokes about what seniors will say in their futures.

Monika Jurevicius, Sports Editor

As the closing of the winter sports season nears on March 13, 2021, the Palatine High School boys basketball team reflect on their memories and experiences during the time they’ve had to be together.

“Within about four days, we went from thinking we weren’t going to have a season, to being able to have non-contact practices, to being able to have full-contact practices, to not playing against other teams but scrimmaging each other, and then finally to being able to play other teams in the area,” varsity basketball coach Eric Millstone said.  “And because of all of this, I was really impressed and appreciative with the flexibility of our guys.”

The hardest impact comes to the seniors of the team, as the year has proved to be difficult for them scholarly and actively. Many believed that COVID-19 would cancel their seasons, leaving them without their last season for their sport.

“It was great we were given the opportunity to even have a senior [basketball] season this year and we’re beyond grateful for that,” PHS senior and varsity basketball player #10 Luke Seiffert said.

For those sports who were lucky enough to receive close to a normal experience in their sports, coaches and trainers saw seniors push farther to gain the most from their season.

Even though we [the team] didn’t have any tournaments or even a state tournament, they poured everything they had into the season,” Millstone said. “That says something about how competitive they are.”

Many on the team share a favorite memory: the Pirate win against Barrington High School Broncos, where the Pirates were tied with the Broncos at the end of the fourth quarter, but won the game during overtime. Seiffert’s advice to younger players before heading off to Augustana College this fall to play basketball is “…live for each moment, on and off the court.”

“Years from now they’re going to have some great stories to share with their kids and grandkids about the 2021 basketball season,” Millstone said.