Seventeen’s Semicolon


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Seventeen performing “Oh My!” in July 2018 Top row: Woozi, Wonwoo, Vernon, Mingyu, Jun, Hoshi, The8, and DK Bottom row: Joshua, Jeonghan, Dino, S.Coups, and Seungkwan

Yilin Li, Reporter

As a new fan of the K-pop band Seventeen, it wasn’t until recently that I stumbled across their newest album Semicolon. I was very pleasantly surprised. 

Semicolon was released on Oct. 19, 2020. The special album reflects the group’s versatility in musical style. 

“Our special album Semicolon contains messages and encouragement for the youth,” member and producer Woozi said in an interview with Access Hollywood. “It says that it’s ok to take a breath and rest during one’s journey.” 

The EP starts off strong with “Home;Run.” Through its lyrics, the song encourages listeners to think of life as a game of baseball; the more homeruns, the better.The track is reminiscent of a broadway, musical-esque number that makes you want to get up and dance. 

“Do Re Mi” is an upbeat song mixed with a hint of trap elements. The pre-chorus of the song, with its tasteful use of autotune, is my favorite part of the song. However, the chorus falls a bit flat. Overall, “Do Re Mi” seems more like a filler song on this album. However, it’s still a nice listen for times when you want to relax. 

“Hey Buddy” as performed by The8, DK and Mingyu is the perfect song for strutting down the streets of Manhattan on a breezy summer night. Because of it’s upbeat and strong rhythms, it’s the perfect song to blast on a Friday night with friends. 

“Light a Flame” is my personal favorite on this album. “Light a flame” has a slow and sensual latin style. With honey-like vocals, and smooth and suave melody, the song is sophisticated and easy on the ears.

“Ah!Love” is a soft song, perfect for kicking back and watching the clouds. The combination of the members’ sweet voices and the bright acoustic instrumental is like listening to a blossoming spring date and the excitement that comes with a new relationship. 

For the last song of Semi;colon, the members of Seventeen come together to perform “All My Love.” The song is like the sequel to “Ah!Love.” 

 “Even in deep despair, Always make me laugh/knowing all my lies, it’s just you, O Ah, thank you./When I see you crying with my head down,I don’t know what to do, what can I do, I’m really sorry.” 

“Ah!Love” is the heart-fluttering prospect of being in love, “All My Love” expresses gratitude for a significant other. It also shows the hardships and regrets of being in a relationship.

If I had to give this album a rating out of ten, I would give it an eight. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. Most of the songs in this album aren’t too out of the ordinary. They’re easy to listen to and they have unique components, so they don’t completely blend into each other. Semi;Colon is available to listen on all major music streaming platforms.