Palatine alumni reflect back on their high school experiences


courtesy of Jes DeRamos

Palatine graduate Jes DeRamos gets ready for Halloween at the pumpkin patch.

Maddy Miehlke

Graduates from Palatine High School’s class of 2017 recall their experiences in regards to the college process and how high school helped them prepare along with providing tips for future and current college freshmen.

“High school prepared me for college by teaching me how to learn,” Jes DeRamos, who graduated in 2017, said. “[It offered] me quality art courses for all 4 years I attended and I would dare say making it, [college], scarier than it actually is.”

Although high school helped prepare DeRamos for college academically, the process of applying was another story.

“The college prep process was very overwhelming and stressful,” DeRamos said. “My mom helped me with most of it [and] I am extremely thankful that I had a parent who was willing and able to help me out.”

Alexa Osner, class of 2017, recalls her similar experience.

“[It was] so stressful,” Osner said. “I can just remember feeling hectic trying to get my applications done. It’s hard to be a senior and balance everything at school along with applying for/visiting schools.”

Both DeRamos and Osner mentioned how they would do things differently if they could go back in time to make it easier on themselves. They also mentioned useful tips to help ease the minds of incoming and current college students.

“Don’t make unnecessary stress for yourself,” DeRamos said. “Try to clean your room, keep a schedule, ask for help, eat healthy, and sleep. There is no pride in overworking yourself.”

“Give yourself time to settle in,” Osner said. “The thing that saved me from being lonely my first few weeks was orientation. Whatever format your school does orientation, make sure to engage fully with it. People want to get to know you and the school wants to help ease your transition. Be open to discomfort and allow yourself to be authentic with your peers. You’ll find the people you’re meant to find.”

Although there was fear in starting a new chapter in their lives, they both are on their right paths. Jes DeRamos now works as a junior graphic designer at baby clothing company ‘Monica + Andy’ while Alexa Osner is now doing customer care and first year leader support at Girl Scouts of Nassau County in New York.