Climate change is a global threat, but local actions can help


Mariann Nino

A creek in Spring Valley where AP Environmental visits every year to pull invasive plant species.

Mariann Nino

Climate change is one of the biggest problems and most people think that there aren’t any major things that they can do to help.

“The biggest [problem] is global climate change,” science teacher and Ecology Club co-sponsor Jennifer Dahl said. “There’s a lot of reasons for why [climate change] has happened, but a big one is pollution whether it is air pollution or water pollution.”

Climate change is a hot topic in today’s politics with agreements made across the world such as The Paris Agreement to help combat this global threat- most countries across the world signed in on this agreement.

Some people believe that the environment should be protected in every way possible as it affects each and every one of the living organisms in the world. Others believe that the environment isn’t an issue that should be considered a worldwide priority in which countries take the time to create legislation for environmental protection.

It may not be easy for students to convince the national government to listen to their petitions on creating solutions to stop climate change from worsening, but there are multiple ways to help.

“It’s the little things, if [students] did all the little things that they have control over in their life,” Dahl said. “Recycle, use reusable water bottles and groceries bags, drive less or carpool. All the little things add up, encouraging others around them to do the same things.”

Recycling, reusing objects, and inspiring those around you are all things high school students can do in their day to day lives to help combat climate change and reduce pollution in our area. The most important thing is to educate the people around us, one person won’t create the same difference and impact as a group of people will.

Palatine High School has its own Ecology Club in which students can join to learn more about the environment and participate in projects to help save the environment. Ecology Club meets every other Wednesday before school in room 323.