Upcoming band concert returns to live performance



Musicians capture the band concert of 2019 moment by an encapsulating picture.

Joe Harris, Reporter

On Dec 2, the Palatine High School Bands will have their winter concert at 7:30 pm in the auditorium. Doors will open at 7:15 pm for the audience and the concert is free for anyone to attend. There will also be a canned food drive sponsored by Tri-M.

The order of bands playing at the concert is Jazz Ensemble, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Symphony.

The director of Palatine’s bands, Carlos Esquivel, is very excited to be back in the auditorium.

“I am really looking forward to be playing for the first time in the auditorium after a year and a half off stage,” said Esquivel. “We’ve already had several performances here at PHS, but it is definitely a special experience to play in the auditorium under the stage lights in front of an audience. Just like many of our students, I still get a little nervous to get out there, but more excited to share our music with our family, friends and community,”

Esquivel was not the only one to express these sentiments.

“I think that it finally feels like a sense of normalcy, and that it feels great to be all together again making music in person and not on Zoom.” PHS Wind Symphony and Jazz Ensemble trumpeter, John Peterson said.

This is a great change for the students and band teachers. Making music on Zoom was very difficult and a different atmosphere due to the fact that the musicians were in separate locations. The students are playing one song but can’t hear each other playing together as one cohesive group through the multiple screens.

The atmosphere was stressful and many were struggling, however coming back this year altered the tone. The musicians are prepared and eager, more than ever, to put on a show after two years of waiting.

Those interested in attending the concert will find it worth their time.