College and Career Resource offers many life-changing opportunities to students


The College and Career resource center is the best place for students to go for all their after-graduation needs.

Diego Rivera, Reporter

A lot of PHS students want to find a job or have thought about it, but they don’t know how to go about finding information or help. Cindy Vargas is the career advisor that can help students get either their dream job or get prepped for a job. 

“Let’s say someone has a job interview coming up at Woodfield and they’re nervous and they don’t know how to prepare for it,” Vargas said. “They can set up a meeting with me and we can do like mock interviews, so they’ll come here, I’ll kind of ask them similar questions that they’ll ask at a job interview”.

On Schoology students can find the different PHS Career advisor services they have. One of them being the career treks. This year Cindy Vargas has a virtual career trek where they will be able to speak with professionals in different areas of expertise such as Law Enforcement & Justice Administration, Graphic Arts, Supply Chain Management, and programming and networking. Students can sign up to these virtual Career Treks by speaking to Cindy Vargas or going to the Career Advisor Schoology.

There will also be career speakers coming to PHS talking about their field and answer any questions you might have for them.

“Yeah, so pretty much someone’s going to come in and talk about like interviewing, what to wear, how to prepare for it,” Vargas said. “And then we have another career speaker from Chase Bank. They’re going to come in and talk about mortgage processing and like fraud analysis, kind of like what they do.”

On October 26 there was be a guest speaker coming in from chase to speak about mortgage processing and fraud analysis. Although Cindy Vargas will be leaving Palatine High School, students can still sign up by going to the Career advisor Schoology page.