Why I chose to pursue art


Diego Rivera

Some samples that display Diego Rivera’s art.

Diego Rivera, Reporter

Recently I’ve discovered a manga called Berserk by Kentaro Miura. Miura has this way of detailing his drawings so much yet so little that you feel like every panel is coming to life. Most people would find it disturbing and just a nightmare to read because of the detailed gore but to me it was a masterpiece. Especially after knowing how it was created and the amount of effort put into the making of such a big story, I was more moved by Miura’s art work.

Personally I feel art is an escape from reality. Not necessarily that reality is so sad or depressing that you have to escape, but just the very concept that you can break all boundaries of reason and logic.

According to The Journal of the American Art Therapy Association,“Art making is an enjoyable or relaxing experience for some, whereas for others it is associated with freedom of expression, evokes a flow experience, stimulates insight, and provides a way to learn about one’s self”.

In order to learn more about ourselves and overal improve our mental health it’s important to create art and not limit ourselves to what we think we can do.

In middle school I started to learn my passion through art. I had joined an art club but was far behind compared to other students. Eventually I got frustrated and even angry at myself for not being able to create anything. The art teacher at the time came up to me and helped me start what I considered my first real art piece.

“And so for to make an artwork I don’t start with trying to execute a big idea,” art teacher Nick Hostert said. “I start with just looking at different images and sketching around and writing down ideas and then when something feels right, it’ll sort of emerge for you.”

The reason it stuck with me was because a lot of people have that problem of trying to create by planning everything to the smallest detail. They put their minds in a box and prevent themselves from actually growing creatively. I too am guilty of this but I think for the sake of inspiring other to create art I’d like to say don’t plan you artwork just mess around and think like a child with paint covered hands. Art is great no matter how good or bad at it you are the artwork you create is nothing more than a way to express yourself and let the world see who you really are.