F.A.C.E continues to provide a creative outlet for students


Steven Keferlis

F.A.C.E books can be picked up from the Media Center.

Adriana Girardi, Reporter

FACE is an fine arts project annually run by the art department of Palatine High School, they created this program to recognize talented writers and artists. Students will submit their art and it goes through the process of being selected for the magazine. If their work gets selected it will be presented at an event with the magazine their art is featured in. At the release party for the magazine, students can come and see the artwork and they even are allowed to take one of the magazines home.

“FACE is basically a yearbook for artists,” Face sponsor Rachel Bartlett said. “It recognizes young artists and presents their work publicly.”

Face accepts many forms of art including poetry, photography, or even 3D designs (via photograph). It gives students the opportunity to display their work to others. They are given until December 21 to submit their work. It gives students the first hand experience of submitting art to an actual event. Many talented students participate, and only a few get elected to be put in the magazine. 

“I heard about FACE through the announcements and my teacher,” Face member Leilany Fuentes-Garcia said. “I thought it was a fun project and decided to participate in it.”

Leilany Fuentes-Garcia is a senior at Palatine High School and has been drawn to art since she was little. Face gave her the opportunity to use her skills and come up with her own piece free of “assigned” homework in her art class. In the end her artwork was the one that got featured as the cover page in the Vol. XIV magazine. She spent days on the piece and was very grateful Face decided to make her work their cover.

“Taking art and finding out about Face helped me a lot,” Fuentes-Garcia said. “It helped me shape my style andand improve my skills .”

Face meets every other Wednesday at 3:30 in room 256.