R.I.P. school spirit


Dilrose Kaur

PHS students adorn camo for Support The Troops Tuesday.

Sabrina Brons, Reporter

At Palatine High School, we have two kinds of students: the ones who dress up for spirit week and the ones who don’t. I used to fit amongst those who didn’t because I never really dressed up, but this year, I made it my goal to dress with the theme everyday.

This year, the Palatine Pirates enjoyed homecoming spirit week with some old and new themes. Spirit week consisted of Roll Out of Bed Monday, Support Our Troops Tuesday, Walk the Runway Wednesday, Save the Planet Thursday, and Superfan Friday. An exciting change to help students show their Pirate Pride.

On Monday, I rolled out of bed wearing my Elmo pajama pants and came to school. When I walked in, I expected people in pajamas looking as crappy as I did, but instead I just got a lot of weird looks. I was one of the ‘freaks’ who dressed up.

Everyone sees the people who go all out. Some people would think we’re freaks for dressing up, but I beg to differ. We are the students that are trying to put pep into our school. Varsity Club always says that they need people to pump up the football team for the game, but the Pirate fans are failing to show their Pirate Pride.

The main reason people don’t want to dress up for theme days is because they don’t want to look like they’re trying too hard. Maybe it’s my biased opinion, or maybe it’s the joy on my face wearing fuzzy pants to school, but I think that every person should dress up for spirit week.

Make it your goal when Turnabout comes around to dress up for at least two of the days. I can understand if you don’t have clothes for everyday of the week, but the effort is what counts! If you decide that you’re too cool for dressing up, it’s going to be your loss. You will be uncomfortable in your jeans or yoga pants (they don’t count as pajamas!!!) while the rest of the school will be enjoying themselves wearing their pajamas on Roll Out of Bed Monday.