Palatine High School’s art happening gives Women’s History Month a visual spotlight


Sophia Davidson

This is the type of art posted around the school, with this in particular hung up near the office.

Steven Keferlis, Reporter

The many pieces of art that are dotted around the school are a result of the art happening, which was set up on Mar. 1 and will be lasting until the end of March, coinciding with Women’s History Month. 

“[The art happening] is meant to visually bring attention to the fact that it is Women’s History Month and acknowledging all the stuff that comes with that,” said Meghan Gillies, a junior at Palatine. “If they just told people about it no one would care, but since it’s around the building, it is obvious to anyone around what is happening.”

All of the art that has been put up for the art happening are all student made, with hundreds of student creations lining the walls of Palatine.

“There’s a lot of different types of art out there, some of them show the diversity of women or their personal struggles,” said Gillies.

The planning and creation of the art for the art happening took place all the way back in December, with the set up taking place all throughout Mar. 1. 

“We started in December with a meeting to talk about the set up, and we started painting some frames and making some art to fill in those frames,” said Vic Pro, another student.

Although many teachers were involved in the creation and planning for the Art happening, Karen Lange was the one who helped conceive of the idea and was in charge of many aspects. She was also behind the silhouettes used during Black History Month. 

“Miss Lange emailed all of the teachers and staff members who were a part of Women’s History Month last year to help with this event,” said Joyce Richardson, one of the sponsors who helped with the art happening. “She had this vision for the Art happening a year ago, so it’s been a long time coming for her.” 

There are plenty of days left in March, so students are encouraged to take some time to pay attention to their hallways and see the variety of art they can spot. 

“It’s important to establish that there is a community of young women who want to be seen,” said Richardson. “It’s an important way to recognize how you can channel your inner strength.”