SASA brings light to South Asian culture


Courtesy of @palatine_sasa

SASA flyer encourages to attend their meetings and join in on the fun!

Nicole Canfield, Reporter

Culture is important in the PHS environment. While many different areas are currently represented in International Club and Foreign Exchange Club, there has also been a growing demand for a club to teach, practice and display specifically South Asian culture. In response, a new chapter of the South Asian Student Association (SASA) has been started at Palatine High School.

SASA is a well known association that has been displaying South Asian culture in a variety of high schools and colleges across the U.S., and now at PHS. The club was initiated by juniors Puneet Virdi and Ravi Shah, with sponsor Sydney Hoening-Cohl who teaches AP World History at PHS.

“Over COVID I went to a Garba [a cultural Gujarati dance, commonly performed on the festival of Navratri] that Barlett SASA held and I met a lot of great people there,” Virdi said. “We had a really great time and I just wondered why don’t we have one at Palatine, and so I looked into it, I talked to Ravi and we made it happen” says Virdi.

People of all backgrounds and cultures are encouraged to join the club. The goal of SASA is to create a safe and proper space to further educate on and appreciate South Asian culture at our school, to all students.

“I genuinely just want to show everybody how cool South Asian culture is,” Shah said.

They plan to both host and participate in upcoming Holi celebrations, various cultural events and fairs, and fundraisers. These will include traditional food, dances, art, clothing and celebrations. Not to mention, volunteering opportunities are available within SASA.

SASA meets on Friday mornings at 7:30 in room 272, and the meetings are no longer than 30 minutes. New members are always welcome and encouraged. Whether you want to casually attend meetings and events, or are looking to fulfill a new leadership role at PHS, SASA is a perfect place to dive into South Asian culture.

For any questions, contact Ms. Hoening-Cohl at [email protected].