How students make Palatine High School special


Suryanshu Bahadur

One of the many things that makes Palatine special is its clubs’ and activities’ opportunity to share their passions.

Mariann Nino, Reporter

It is 8:14 on a Monday morning, students are rushing to get to their class before the bell rings. Room 281 is filled with students in groups surrounded by their friends talking about their weekend. As soon as the bell rings everyone goes to their seats as the teacher closes the door and begins class.

School is the place where most students spend the majority of their day whether it is for sports, tutoring, rehearsals, clubs, or simply because they’re in class. A school is really made up of what it’s students incorporate into it and what they give back.

“The memories I make with my classmates and my teachers is what makes PHS special to me.” PHS sophomore Mia Palacios said.

Palatine High School has students of all different backgrounds, talents, and interests which makes the school a truly unique place. All students at PHS enjoy the friendships and relationships they form with one another at school which is why school is special to them.

“What makes the school special to me are my friends,” senior Leslie Rios said. “I’ve made plenty of memories with them during classes and passing periods.”

One of the biggest factors students take into consideration when joining an activity at school is what the people there are like, so they can see what kind of connections they can create.

Leonardo Palma, a senior at PHS who is involved in color guard and was previously a part of photography club, claims that the reason why he chose to join both of his activities was because his friends encouraged him to try it and he was able to find new people there who he was able to create new friendships with.

Palatine High School has around 2,500 students which makes it a place where all students can find people similar and different from them whom they can learn from. The differences and similarities between students at Palatine High School make the school special and a place where all students are welcome.