Networking a connection with Computer Club

Monika Jurevicius, Editor-in-Chief

Rows of computer monitors gleam with activity as students eagerly play Minecraft Hunger Games against each other, while clusters form around the room to cheer on those who compete for prizes awarded at the end of every round. While this buzz of activity is programmed by the sequence of ones and zeros, the energy lifted from it is what keeps students coming back to computer club.

Computer club first started meeting in 2003, when students would meet on Saturdays to hangout and learn about technology. Since then, the club has boomed with over 140 students registered on their Schoology group. Members participate in Local Area Network (LAN) parties, computer tower teardown competitions, and much more.

“I wanted to continue to help the club out in a higher way and try to give that experience to other people, which is my main motivation for being president this year,” computer club president Vince Rumps said. 

Rumps, along with the computer club vice president Klaidas Wikar, have been in the club since their freshman year. As a team they lead all activities during meetings to ensure that everyone is having a good time. While not all who join the computer club look to pursue technology as a career, Wikar has had a passion for it since he was young.

“It was satisfying seeing the things you create actually work,” Wikar said. “When you’re struggling to do something, and you finally complete it, the satisfaction I get is amazing.”

The age of computers has extremely expanded since its start. However, computer club sponsor James Schager says that the members of computer club form a community that tackles those challenges together through this ever-changing field. 

“In this age of technology, we have to get past our fear of exploring or fixing or troubleshooting and then learn or learn from our mistakes as we try to solve an issue,” Schager said. 

Members work together every week to further their understanding of computer systems, applications and uses of them. They also participate in school events like concessions at football games and decorating a homecoming golf cart to educate people outside of the club.

“There’s so much opportunity in this field,” Schager said. “Any little bit of interest at all is enough to get you a position.”

Computer club meets Wednesdays after school in room 142. Please email [email protected] with any questions.