Red Ryders storm spirit into football student sections


Sofia Klein

As the players kick off, the student section shows their spirit by throwing baby powder. Red Ryders passed this tradition on throughout the years.

Mckenna Smith, Sports Editor

New members of Red Ryders continue planning for Palatine High school’s student section and have some advice to get everyone involved.

“If there is good school spirit then everyone is included and it makes everyone happy,” student leader of Red Ryders Sam Millstone said. “Having school spirit really builds the high school experience for each student.” 

The goal of red ryders is to unify all grades into a group that can celebrate our school together. Including everyone has been hard in the past which is why they created a group text that everyone in school could be a part of. 

“Freshman year I didn’t really know much about [Red Ryders] which is why this year we included every class in our group text,” student leader of varsity club Tyler Swierczek said. “Now we can keep everyone up to date with all the themes for sports and all the social activities.”

While Red Ryders is a great opportunity for fans they are in the stands to cheer on our sports teams at PHS. 

“Having fans is definitely something that all players look forward to,” varsity football quarterback Grant Dersnah said. “I’m sure every athlete can say that having fans can contribute to how you play and how you feel while playing. At Palatine there are fans at every sporting event you go to and that’s good for the athletes knowing that there are people to support them.” 

Red Ryders takes on many responsibilities, one important job is coming up with a new theme for each game this year.

“Themes are just for fun, they really don’t have much meaning behind them,” student leader of varsity club Payton Westphal said. “We just want to represent ourselves through them and show everyone that we are all united as one when we all dress alike.”

For more information about Red Ryders follow them on instagram @RedRyders and join their group at this link: