David’s House rocks the house


Monika Jurevicius

David’s House stands with local band Collision and others at a Future Stars event at Durty Nellie’s in Nov. 2021.

Tara O'Sullivan, Reporter

A local high school band, by the name David’s House, had a breathtaking performance this past Saturday night. The show took place at Martyr’s in Chicago and produced quite the notable crowd. 

“You could definitely tell how much fun everyone in the band was having, and how they were feeding off of the energy from the crowd,” Palatine High School teacher Sean Fisher-Rohde said, who was in attendance on Saturday. “It was a lot of fun.”

The band, including guitarists Sammy Fodor and Christian Keller, vocalist Lauren Knuciel, pianist Andrew Colias, violinist Ava Coilias, bassist Nina Milojkovic, and drummer Caden Laqgman, originated during a state of boredom in the first months of quarantine. Together, they produced a few outdoor practices and gigs, for surrounding friends and family. 

 “On Mother’s Day, or the day before, we just got a couple of guys together and we just played in my cul-de-sac,” Keller said. 

After that, they continued picking up more gigs and concerts around the Chicago land area, growing their fan base and popularity. 

“It’s 24/7 on my mind,” Fodor said. “What’s the next gig? What’s the next practice? What’s the next song I’m going to write?”

Along with that, comes the burden of juggling school and the rockstar lifestyle. Fortunately for the guitarists, the goal remains clear. 

“My goal in life is to pursue music, so collegiately and professionally,” Fodor said. 

“I just know how to turn on the performance side when I have to,”  Keller said about the pressure of both school and band life.

After their recent show this last weekend, the band drew in a crowd of about 80-100 people, many of whom were high school aged along with adults and parents of band members. 

“It was probably one of the greatest crowds I’ve ever played for,”  Keller said. “It was fun. It was really, really fun.”

Though he’s visited previous students’ gigs in the past, Fisher-Rohde traveled the farthest for this band, and was surprised at the talent and passion the group held. 

“They were really tight,” Fisher-Rohde said. “And I’d go see them again.”  

David’s House will be performing next at Jimmy D’s on Friday, Sept. 16  and at Norwood Park Fall Fest the following Saturday, Sept. 17

Follow their journey on their Instagram: @davidshousetheband