Pirates sack Saxons

MaryRose Weatherton, Sports/Twitter editor

Even with the injury of senior running back Cameron Cornelius, the Pirates still pulled out a major win against the Schaumburg Saxons last night. Cornelius’ injury late in the third should’ve worried the Pirates, but luckily senior Dionte Neustadter was able to fill his place. The Pirates have rallied after the rough start to their season, and next week they’ll be headed to playoffs.

At first the Pirates seemed disorganized, with an early pass interception by the Saxons. But the team quickly got themselves together. Still early in the first, Cornelius drove the ball to the Saxon 10 with a burst of speed. The Pirates finished the play and gained control of the scoreboard with a touchdown. 7-0 Pirates. Jordan Irwin, Pirates’ number 3, made one of the most memorable plays of the game. Near the end of the first quarter Irwin made a pick six on the return for another Pirate score. 13-0 Pirates.

The Saxons pushed back with a touchdown of their own early in the second quarter. Running back Neustadter and QB Nick Orlando worked together to drive the ball into two more Palatine touchdowns. The score with a minute left until half was 28-7 Palatine.

Both teams moved the ball around the field in the third, but it seemed like they were evenly matched. That’s what it looked like of course, until perceived Palatine MVP Cameron Cornelius was taken out late in the third with an unannounced injury. Schaumburg took their opportunity and made another touchdown to bring the score to 28-14 Pirates.

Dionte Neustadter picked up the slack and made a 24 yard touchdown run on the first play of the fourth. The Saxons proceeded to strike back with a touchdown of their own. Junior Mike Hilmer, Pirate kicker, added his three points with a successful 22 yard field goal. And Senior Nick Cervenka made the final Pirate score with another Pirate touchdown. The Saxons made a final drive with another touchdown with 2:38 left in the fourth; but it wasn’t enough.

Both teams played their hardest and the Pirates came out on top. With this win, Palatine clenched the title of MSL west division champions and finished with a record to 7-2. The team will be headed to playoffs next week. Good luck boys and go Pirates!