How joining Student Council helps the Palatine High School community


Steven Keferlis

Student Council contributed immensely to putting up decorations such as these around the school.

Alina Maleryk, Sports Editor

One of the options that Palatine High School has to offer for students who are seeking leadership opportunities, love to decorate and work as a team is Student Council.

“The main point of joining Student Council is to have fun learning how to work hard and work together with other people to set goals, potentially to develop leadership skills,” Sponsor James Nowak said. “Our board members come from our membership so most people start out as just members of the student council, this hopefully helps them to develop some of those leadership skills.”

The Student Council has other opportunities to offer for students. This club has an amazing point program. Depending on how many points the student will have by attending and being interested in helping out, at the end those students with the highest amount of points will receive an award during the team field trip. For example, last year a student who got the most points at the field trip to TopGolf got a free opportunity towards food and other related things that were available there.

For the students who think that they might not have a lot of availability during the days of meetings, Student Council has an option where students don’t have to go to the mandatory meeting. This club has a really flexible schedule.

“It’s very much easy, flexible, and just fun overall, but I feel like the responsibility of having to know and watch everybody make sure everything’s going smoothly is a bit of a struggle,” Senior Ana Pamela Romo said. 

Anna Pamela Romo is a Senior in Palatine High School. She has been in this club for a year and a half now. Her position in the Student Council is director of internal communications. She is responsible for making sure that everybody who’s in Student Council knows what’s going on. 

They also have a variety of positions for their members after they dedicate their interests to the student council for at least a year or so. The positions available for students are, people on the board, Vice President, President, directors of communications, external and international communications. 

If a student is interested in helping with Homecoming spirit week next year, contact the Sponsor James Novak and for any additional questions as well about this club.