Palatine theater brings The Blithe Spirit back to life


Abby Ortiz

The main cast for the Blight Spirit poses for the camera on their final dress rehearsal, prepared for the opening night of the show on Sept 29 at 7 pm. There will be two additional shows on Friday and Saturday at the same time.

Abby Ortiz

It’s almost here. Palatine High School’s fall play The Blithe Spirit will happen from Sept. 29 through Oct. 1.

The play follows a writer, Charles Condomine, who is trying to find information for his new book about mediums, people who communicate with the dead.

He then talks to seasoned medium Madame Arcati to learn more information; all while not knowing that by doing this he would accidentally bring back the ghost of his dead wife.

“It’s a comedy, watching people have goofy things happen to them and people arguing are the kind of things you might see in a romantic comedy,” Co-director Douglas Gross said.

This humorous and spooky play is a perfect touch for soon to be autumn weather. The cast is working hard to make sure the show puts all audiences in the right mood for fall. Participating in this play allows students to be more involved in extracurricular activities, for them to branch out and form new relationships with new students. 

“We’ve got a lot of really creative people here,” Gross said. “Whether they’re artists or musicians. And so this is just one other avenue for kids to express some creativity, have fun, go out of their comfort zone by putting on something for the public.”

It takes a lot of effort and energy to put on a play and more PHS students are welcome to help make this play come to life. Costumes, production, and set design are all part of the process.

“We’re having a good time keeping kids involved, giving them something to do and then we’ve just recently brought on our tech crews,” Gross said. “So we’ve got four or five kids who are involved in costumes, we’ve got another four involved in creating props and organizing them. We have several other kids who are involved in the technical aspects like the lighting and sound.”

PHS students who enjoy being creative, drama and art should look at the fall play as an after school endeavor.

“It’s not about the activity that you’re doing, it’s about the feeling of a community,” junior Liliana Cochiaro said. “It’s the feeling that you all are working towards a goal and you’re all working with each other.” 

Participating in drama will let a student get to experience many different parts of being involved in a community. Learning how to work with others and supporting one another to help make their play come to life. 

“In drama club specifically, it’s completely about your community,” Cochiaro said. “There are all these people that want to make this show succeed and they want to make it real.”