Myriad of involvement opportunities for Palatine Pirates


Students are recognized through the Palatine High school twitter account for their involvement within the community.

Lindsey Lussow, Reporter

The Palatine website lists the 74 clubs and 11 fall sports available at school all throughout the year to help students become involved. Even though Palatine has 85 activities available, many students are still not engaged in extracurriculars. 

“We have so many good opportunities here to get involved, to try new things, and make new friends,” Fashion Club Co-sponsor Stephanie Taucher said. “By being involved, it makes your high school experience better.”

From freshman club to Best Buddies, girls soccer to boys golf and computer club to poms, there’s just about every club and sport available at PHS. Nonetheless, the wide and vast amount of school-based activities does not speak to all students’ interests.

“No one has ever told me how to start a club at Palatine,” freshman Addi Johnson said. “I wish I could start a club that suits students with busy schedules so we can meet new people and do activities whenever we are available.”

Along with the lack of information on the process of starting clubs, many students feel they don’t have time to participate in school activities outside of classes. 

“Softball takes up too much of my time for me to participate in palatine sports,” freshman Katie Murphy said.

 “I have club soccer right after school so I do not have time to attend clubs,” Celtic soccer player Kaitlyn Kania said. 

Yet even through the busy school day, work and social schedules, parents and teachers should push students to join clubs and sports. Joining extracurriculars doesn’t only create a more lively high school environment, activities can help grades and education as well. 

The 85 activities can be found from teachers, counselors, and on the Palatine website.