Humans of Palatine: Gabija

Siomara Valdez, Reporter

“I am a junior right now currently in independent studies of architecture and civil engineering. I’ve taken it for 3 years now since freshman year. Since I was little, I’ve had a major interest in architecture. The opportunity Palatine High School gave me was very special to me because of the fact I can learn about it in highschool. In Lithuania where I previously lived, the classes were very basic. There’s not many electives. They have math, science, languages, history, and gym. There’s no electives like architecture, CAD, or any of that type of thing. When I tell my friends in Lithuania that I get to learn architecture so young and prepare myself for college, it makes me really happy I have these opportunities. Mrs. Pollitt is like a mom to me. She’s known me since I was a freshman, supporting me, and I feel like I’ve been preparing myself for the career I wanna take.”

“I definitely do wanna have a career in architecture. I can’t have a lot planned out, it might change in a whole 360. You never know. As of right now I want to study in a good college on a scholarship which is why I’m focusing on my GPA. I would like to study at UIC in Chicago and major in interior design. I’m honestly very excited to learn more about it in university. Being more independent in the future is something I look forward to.”


“I believe that your choice of career should not solely be based on money. I know society, the world revolves around money and the concept of economics right now. I feel like a job should be something you choose to do because you’re passionate about it. And everyday you go to work should not be a hassle. Should not be a drag, you should not be forcing yourself to go to it. You should be excited and have fun. Even when everyday isn’t going to be fun because at the end of the day, it’s still a job, but it should be worth it because it’s your passion.”

“My hobbies are mainly sports. I’d say I’ve done as many as 10 sports in my whole lifetime. When I was little, I did 8 years of dance, 5 years of martial arts, taekwondo, karate, badminton, tennis, track, and cross country. I have also tried out for basketball and waterpolo. Currently, I am in JV doubles-one in tennis. Staying involved would be considered a hobby I would think. I am in the yearbook club, wellness committee, and junior club.”


“Covid was the roughest time of my life. I struggle with mental health. In general I struggled being isolated and unable to communicate with people and have a support system out of home. It was very difficult for me, especially with school. I found it very hard to motivate myself to try in my classes and wake up. Just getting out of my bed was hard enough. I found myself spaced between 4 walls quite isolated. I did not like COVID at all and I never want that to come back. I hated it and it was very hard for me.”


“I feel so much better being back honestly. I feel like COVID taught me to appreciate getting out of the house. Sometimes I would isolate myself on purpose just because I was tired, but now I actually enjoy school even if it is such a pain or so tiring. I found it nice to see and communicate with people. The connection you have with people in person is entirely different from over Zoom because you can’t match up people’s faces with names. Meeting and learning in general was so much better in person. I can succeed much more in person than I did during COVID.”