Photo Slideshow: Music Video Day

“Golden Hour” by JVKE frames the love story featured in the music video by Mary Grace Nicholas. The film club selects about 40 minutes of content from all the total submissions to display on music video day.

Ishika Mishra, News Editor

On Tuesday Nov. 22, 2022 the Palatine high school art department hosted Music Video Day. Various students from various art classes and clubs entered their videos into the contest. Students voted on which video they liked the best after viewing them in the auditorium.

There were prizes for the three people that received the most voted. In third place was junior Ricky Hernandez for his animated music video for Nirvana’s “Serve the Servants.” Senior Mary Grace Nicholas took the second place prize with her beautiful love story using the song “Golden Hour” by JVKE. In first place was senior Owen Elliot with French song “C’est le printemps.”

This tradition will continue with more features coming from the art department next year.