PHS Speech program hosted annual Pirate Booty Invitational


Students warming up before their events, reading their speeches to themselves at Pirates Booty invitational.

Sophia Davidson, Reporter

On Saturday Dec 10 Palatine High School hosted the 13th Annual Pirate Booty Speech Invitational.

400 students competed in 14 different events. The events students compete in range from acting to formal speeches.         

“They are different opportunities for students to use their voice to communicate an idea,” Interim Head Coach Elizabeth Sheehan said. “So some are acting, some are formal speeches, some are specialized.”

Students from 27 schools across Illinois compete in events like dramatic interpretation, poetry, deck, and impromptu. 

“I’m in dramatic interpretation,” Warren Township Senior Savannah Corbbins said. “Dramatic interpretation is basically you’re acting in front of a judge in your own manner.”

Students have a variety of options to choose from when competing in the events. Certain events allow students to write and choose their own speeches to give, which most events are about eight minutes long.

“I’m always excited because you’re here from 6:30am to 4:30pm,” junior Liliana Cochiaro said. “So this is like your home now.”

Three of the main genres the events fall under is acting, like poetry reading. Public address and limited preparation, which is essentially impromptu without a set script.

Palatine’s invitational has become known to be pirate themed every year. The team champion gets a treasure chest full of candy and beads.

“I am very excited,” Senior Kaylie Bruce Grant Community Highschool said.“I’m very thrilled and nervous.”