Why One Direction will never be forgotten


Mary Moline via Creative Commons Wikipedia

The group performing as a four piece after Zayn Malik’s departure from the group at Soldier Field, Chicago in 2015.

Nadia Metzo, Reporter

The music starts, the lights dim, and the band gets ready to play their song “Right Now”. They look up at the crowd; each person in that stadium is singing the words perfectly, it was at this moment that they knew they made history.

In the year 2010, 5 boys from the United Kingdom decided to solo audition for the TV show “X Factor”. They barely made it past round one, and after getting eliminated from the show at the same time, judge Simon Cowell decided to put them into a band. This kept them on the show and made them grow their fame. 

Their hit song “What Makes You Beautiful” really took their career off and they were popular not only in the United Kingdom but all around the world. Because of their fame, they truly changed the world and touched many peoples’ hearts. 

“One Direction is timeless because everyone can relate to their songs,” Senior Livy Walczynski said. “Not all of them are about relationships and they have a wide range of pop music but also more mellow songs.” 

Not only is their music catchy and wonderful to listen to for their fans, the members of the band itself are just as fun. Their appearances on TV and shows when they were still together and their social media platforms made supporters love to be a part of their lives. 

“After the breakup my favorite has to be Niall because of his ability to remain humble and genuine,” senior Erin McGinn said. “He writes songs that are personal and you can tell he loves music just by what he puts into his albums and shows. He hasn’t gotten the same amount of praise that Harry Styles gets but he deserves it. Not to discredit Harry in any way, Niall takes the cake – and we are both Irish!”