How marching band orchestrates loyalty


Siomara Valdez

During football games, every time PHS’ team would score the band would play a quick tune or Loyalty if there was a touchdown.

Nadia Metzo, Features Editor

For every varsity football game, Palatine High School’s Marching Band entertains the crowds and student sections with loads of music. Currently, students of the PHS Band are marching for each Friday night home game, while also balancing their schoolwork, sports, and other activities. 

“The football season is hands down my favorite because everyone is so much more hype and it’s a great atmosphere to be in,” senior and drum major Frank Vyverberg said. 

The PHS band plays the school’s fight song, “Palatine Loyalty”, after every touchdown scored, and at the end of each game. They also play sideline tunes during timeouts, in between quarters, or whenever the game is not in play. The PHS drumline plays short pieces of music called “Ditties” to get the student section and cheerleaders energized and excited. 

Every year, the band puts on a halftime show that was taught to them for a week during the summer. They work on it throughout the year and polish it to perfection. This year’s show is the music of “Green Day,” containing songs “Holiday,” “Good Riddance,” and “Still Breathing.”

Drum Major, Frank Vyverberg conducting the band as they play The Incredibles during half-time. (Siomara Valdez)

Aside from playing for varsity football games, the band also plays for varsity boys basketball games in the winter. They line up in the bleachers and play pop music, ditties, and more throughout the course of the game. 

“Basketball season is fun because the smaller space of the gym makes it all more exciting,” senior and drum major Ria Iyer said. “Being on the floor and conducting the band in front of the team, students, and family is one of my favorite things to do. It makes the band feel like one big family.”

Whether the band is playing under the Friday night lights, or the close knit space of the PHS gymnasium, they no doubt bring joy and pride to all of the Palatine students and community. When “Loyalty” is played, the entire crowd gets up on their feet in support of the band, the team, and of course, Palatine High School. 

“A ton of effort goes into our performances, especially the halftime show,” flautist Vidhi Patel said. “Band isn’t just about playing an instrument, it’s a community where you can meet some of your closest friends within your peers.”