Spend this weekend listening to The Weeknd

Alina Maleryk

The Weeknd published a 2018 album called My Dear Melancholy and the genre of this album is R&B/Soul. When listening to this type of music, I feel better and relaxed.

This album caught my eye, compared to the rest of his albums, because it was mostly about the beauty behind the madness of turning out to pursue earnest love.

His songs and albums mostly inspire teens from ages 13 to 18. His songs stand out mostly due to their good rhythm and understandable meaning relationship-wise, which most teens relate to. As well as using a vocal keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums to make this album and its songs more appealing.

The Weeknd, previously released other songs from the albums like Wasted Times, Try Me, Privileges, and Hurt You, but the major hit songs that made this album a well-ranking were I Was Never There and Call Out My Name

From this album, the song that caught my attention was Call Out My Name due to its background. I like the way he tries to apply some sweet romance and a bit of a sense of heartbreak to this song for the emotions.

“I put you on top / I claimed you so proud and openly / and when times were rough / I made sure I held you close to me.” 

The Weeknd is talking about his past relationship and how he treated that person right. He was there for her and made sure that she was okay, but unfortunately, he didn’t get the same treatment back. Instead, he received betrayal and ended up being left alone.

“When it’s time when it’s time when it’s time / It won’t matter, it won’t matter / Ooh, and now I know what love is / And I know it ain’t you for sure,” from I Was Never There.

The Weeknd talks about how it was hard for him to get over someone from his past life as he was going through a rough time after a heartbreak, but then he tells himself to move on and try to heal himself throughout the lyrics, because that person is not there anymore, only in the past. He refers to you as needing to move on, even if it’s rough or it could hurt you. 

I would rate this album a four-and-a-half out of five stars because this album is truly amazing and has such a relatable story, especially for teens. It could help with telling teens maybe how to feel better after the situation when it comes to relationships. 

It especially affected me so much, when I started to listen to this album and his story. 

However, I wish this album was a bit longer like his other albums, as he also writes about his romantic life, which would most likely not be a better option for younger kids of age under 12, just for teens or older that have more experience throughout life. 

I would suggest this album for people that like to go for night drives, chill, or even have happy emotions throughout the evening, and try to make themselves feel better after a rough day.