Agunda Tsirikhova performs for an audience of two

Tsirikhovas musical profiles are available on Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music under her first name, Agunda. She has been produced by VK music and Sonyuz Music.

Ishika Mishra

Tsirikhova’s musical profiles are available on Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music under her first name, ‘Agunda.’ She has been produced by VK music and Sonyuz Music.

Ishika Mishra, News Editor

Agunda Tsirikhova walks down the halls of Palatine high school acknowledging fans and learning about American high school culture. Once she gets out of school, she is immediately searching for a studio, to continue her successful Russian pop music career. 

“Not a game” (Не игра), Tsirikhova’s most recent release, has over 50,000 views. She continues to make music while being a senior at PHS.

Tsirikhova has one-hundred eighty thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and her youtube channel has surpassed 110 million views.

“Sometimes I can’t say something,” Tsirikhova said. “And when I write music, I can say it in my lyrics.” 

Tsirikhova’s most famous song is called “The Moon Knows No Way” (Луна не знает пути) and is produced by Soyuz Music. With over 65 million views, its lyrics use the metaphor of the moon reaching for the sun to describe the importance of perseverance.

“I was like how can I record my own song?” Tsirikhova said. “I don’t have any money. I’m twelve years old.”

Looking for an outlet for her feelings, twelve-year-old Tsirikhova searched in Russia for a cost-effective way to make music. After four years of searching, she found a producer who would make her a track for five dollars and she agreed to write him lyrics.

“When I turned 16 I recorded my first song,” Tsirikhova said “After four years.” 

Pictured at girls basketball senior night, Tsirikhova enjoys the school spirit PHS has to offer. (Courtesy of Agunda Tsirikhova)

She went on to share this song with her friend, and “The Moon Knows No Way” went viral. In the midst of all of this, Tsirikhova moved to the United States. She is a senior at Palatine high school and is currently beginning to create more songs in Palatine studios. 

“It’s funny in Russia because all the people know you,” Tsirikhova said. “And here it’s the same but it’s just in school.”

Tsirikhova used to be recognized all the time when in public in Russia, but now she is mainly recognized inside PHS.

“Hello, my friend,” Tsirikhova said. 

This positive greeting is how she greets anyone who is a fan or asks her about her music career. Tsirikhova is grateful for people recognizing her on the street, whether in Russia or PHS. 

“I picked this profession,” Tsirikhova said. “I know what it means. The fans come with good things in their heart.”

Along with producing music, Tsirikhova’s favorite part about school is socializing with people in the cafeteria during breakfast and lunch served. She appreciates school spirit and loves going to basketball games.

“I like that the teacher knows everyone [here],” Tsirikhova said. “It’s very cool. But studying in Russia was not bad. I like it more than in Russia.”

Tsirikhova navigates high school and music writing every day, and she’s excited to continue learning every step of the way. 

“I like things that challenge me,” Tsirikhova said.

Agunda Tsirikhova performing for her fans in Moscow.