Humans of Palatine: Zach Brown

Siomara Valdez, Reporter, Photographer

“My name is Zachary Brown and I am a junior at Palatine High School. My hobbies are reading, video games, making models, taking photos of roller coasters, and learning about military history.”

“My favorite genre of music is metal. My favorite metal band is Sabaton. They do lots of metal songs about military history. Some of my favorite songs include Bismark, Panzer, Battalion, Panzerkampf, Uprising, and The Valley of Death.”

“I am in Jazz band, marching band, and eSports at Palatine High School. Jazz band is a lot of fun because it is a smaller band with a very different type of music then anything else. Marching band is with a larger band and we play more well known songs. It’s just very fun and energetic. Esports is fun because it’s just taking gaming to another level to compete, which is fun.”

“In the summer of 1914, Franz Ferdinand of the empire visited Sarajevo. Unaware of the assassins that await him. Two shots are fired and the archduke is dead. The empire cannot let this go unpunished. In the first declaration, war is made. My favorite subject is history because I learn about different conflicts and wars. I enjoy learning about the battles, tactics, and the weapons made during that time.”

“I hope to go to college and study military history. I would specifically like to learn about the different weapons of war from firearms to vehicles. I would also love to work at a military museum.”