Slideshow: Rocking out at Bandapalooza

Monika Jurevicius, Editor-in-Chief

Crowds roar as the faculty band end Bandapalooza with a sing-a-long of “Sweet Home Chicago” to finish off the school’s annual Bandapalooza. There were five total performances: three bands and two individual performances. The performers were:

“The Plastic Jackets”: Maddy Hake (vocals), Will Kyriazakos (bass), Alex Panayotov (guitar), Sarvesh Satish (drums), Matt Stepp (guitar)

Individual Performances: Keagan Ocampo, Liliana Cochiaro

PHS Student Band: Sammy Fodor (lead vocals and guitar), Christian Keller (drums), William Kyriazakos (bass), Keagan Ocampo (guitar)

Faculty Band “Sand”: Tyler Donnelley (guitar), Sean Fisher-rhode (bass), Mario Gonzales (vocals), Matt Koehlinger (vocals), Eric Smith (guitar), Thomas Miller (piano)