Freshman Girls Soccer season wrap-up

Chris Lagunes, Reporter

May is the culmination of girls’ high school soccer. Natalie Nagrant, the coach of the Freshman Girls Soccer Team at Palatine High School, was happy to share her thoughts and highlights on the season.

“The season’s been doing good, we’ve been improving and we’ve been able to work together as a team and a team community,” Nagrant said. 

Throughout the first week of May, she mentioned that the freshman team played in many games. On May 9, they played their last game this season against Barrington 5-0.

“Our goals for the rest of the season are that we keep showing all the skills that we have and that we finish with our heads high and a strong attitude, so that we can have a great season moving forward,” Nagrant said. 

She further emphasized the great effort the team has been putting into the season, with all the skills and energy that was really well shown off for players and the crowd. 

Among these players, Leslie Lopez, Madeline Schretter and Brooklyn Chesak, to her, are really honorable athletes. Nagrant says that the two captains ensure the players on the team feel welcome, while Brooklyn is a really strong athlete, plays every minute of the game and is a great asset to the freshman team. 

“There are a lot of players that all have their individual assets, but I would say those three have great leadership skills through the word they express their teammates, but also feel their actions so I would give those three my highlight in my highest regards,” Nagrant said.

Clearly, this particular team is well-deserving of their respect through many excellent players’ skills, accomplishments, fuel, and individual talents.