‘Gotham’ excites fans with early days of Bruce Wayne


Photo via FOX under Creative Common license

Alfred Pennyworth consoles Bruce Wayne at the joint funeral for Thomas and Martha Wayne

Joanna Kalantzis, Reporter

“Why so serious?” comes from the the famous quote given by the oh so deadly Joker in “The Dark Knight”. Playing off of one of the most famous trilogies of all time, “Gotham” takes fans on a wild ride through Bruce Wayne’s life.

Taking place through the eyes of Bruce Wayne, fans already know about the caped hero who protects the innocent and punishes the guilty. They already know about the young boy who lost his parents at a young age and then ultimately transformes himself into a hero. What the fans really don’t get to experience is the back story loaded with extra details about each character and how the city has transformed them into who they are.

“Gotham” is the heavily anticipated prequel that gets the details right and delivers to those die hard fans that have been anxiously waiting for the TV show to be created. The show isn’t a game of “look I know who that is”. Instead, it does its own thing by giving fans a look inside the world of “Gotham”.

Starting off in the first episode with the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, viewers got a closer look at how it affected their son Bruce and the city. A young Selina Kyle, a.k.a, Catwoman keeps a watchful eye on the distraught Bruce Wayne and his caretaker Alfred Pennyworth.

Fans also get to meet a young Oswald Cobblepot, formally known as Penguin, who believes there is a war coming to Gotham. Rounding off the episode, fans get a look at the young and attractive James Gordon and his belief that Gotham is different from any other city he’s ever working for. Paired with his trusty yet drunk partner, Harvey Bullock, the duo attempt to rid Gotham of crime.

In many ways, “Gotham” is about the deconstruction and construction of heroes–where morals are sacrificed and one needs to pick between good and bad. “Gotham” sits decades away from its heroic upswing and instead focuses on the dark and twisted side of humanity as well as the fine line between crime and punishment.

Overall, Fox’s “Gotham” will provide fans with a thoroughly fun and entertaining hour of television that can stand on its own without needing to repeat the same story line over and over again.