Counting down to homecoming

Counting down to homecoming

Homecoming is coming soon to Palatine High School on Oct 7 and will last from 7-10 p.m. Homecoming or Hoco is a dance that Palatine students, friends, dates and others can hang out at a welcome-back-to-school event.

The dance Saturday is taking place the day after the Pirates take on the Conant Cougars at 7:30 p.m. at the long-awaited Homecoming Game

 Tickets are available to purchase online or at the school registrar now for a price of $15. The online store will close at midnight on Friday. Afterward, they will be selling tickets at the door for $25. Students must bring their IDs in order to be let into the dance.

“The dress code we promote is kind of semi-formal,” James Nowak, one of the many directors of Homecoming and student council, said. “So I would say most people wear either a suit and tie or a nice dress, but we know other students would just wear a nicer pair of pants and maybe like a polo shirt or button-up shirt. So we try to be inclusive for everybody.”

The theme for this year’s Homecoming is Tangled in Time, which is based on the famous childhood movie “Tangled.” The theme was voted on by various students last year. During the dance, there will be a DJ and many decorations that were made and put up by students who have volunteered to help put them up.


“I’m super excited for the Homecoming dance this year because it’s going to be my first high school dance,” said freshman Maya Przyborowski.

Homecoming week also has themes for every day of the week leading up to the dance. The themes are Pajama Day on Monday, Twin Day on Tuesday, Barbie vs. Ken on Wednesday, Soccer Mom vs. BBQ Dad on Thursday, and wearing all Pirate gear on Friday.

According to a survey poll, students were most interested in dressing up for Pajama Day, with Pirate gear being the very close second.

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