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Sonia Jezierski
Sonia Jezierski
Features Editor

Sonia Jezierski is a Senior at Palatine High School and this is her 2nd year being an editor for Cutlass. She is the president of Ecology Club, enjoys testing her scientific knowledge as a captain of Science...

When is it okay to start playing Christmas music?

Megan Cox

Christmas music: typically played around Christmas time, but listened to by holiday geeks throughout the year. A question that seems to have no perfect answer, is when to start playing Christmas music. 

In a survey, several PHS students said that they usually play Christmas music right after Thanksgiving. A few others right after Halloween, and one even said all year round

The majority believed that playing Christmas music after Thanksgiving is acceptable, but what caused the minority to answer differently? After speaking with them, the conclusion is that they listen to Christmas music much more than “usual” because of the “special” feeling it gives them. 

Christmas songs remind them of good memories, and listening to them  allows them to automatically shift into a better mood. Despite knowing that it might not always be “Christmas time”, they use songs as a little boost of excitement when they need it most. 

However, there are certainly some individuals who despise hearing even one lyric of a Christmas song when it’s not “the season” yet. In fact, this connects to the majority discovered earlier, because a handful of them expressed their irritation when they hear Christmas related songs during random parts of the year. The irritation is caused by them wanting to appreciate the season they are currently in, rather than skipping ahead and looking forward to the holidays, especially because they’re months away.

It’s understandable to get annoyed towards Christmas music, especially when it plays practically everywhere. From the radio, in stores, movies, video games, and even commercials, some feel as if they can’t escape it. But, there are others who cherish hearing a little holiday tune from any source. 

The most popular sources to listen to Christmas music are Spotify (app). Within the application, there is an endless variety of songs, as well as playlists created by users. What’s cool about it, is that you can even make your own Christmas playlist including all your favorite holiday bops and have them saved on any device. 

If you don’t have Spotify but still want to listen to Christmas music, the radio station 93.9 LITE-FM exclusive to the Chicagoland area starts playing Christmas songs on the first of November.  The radio station plays Christmas music around-the-clock, which is the station’s yearly tradition. 

From the information gathered, if you like certain songs despite them being Christmas related, play them, especially if they brighten your day. We all find joy in life differently, so why not be able to do what you love? 

But I warn you: if you do consider yourself to be a “holiday geek”, make sure to wear headphones while listening to your nostalgic beats, because some might get  annoyed and tell you “it’s not in season”. 

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Fiona Storey, Reporter
Fiona Storey is a very creative and intelligent freshman here at PHS. She plays for PHS tennis, enjoys playing the piano, and seeks to pursue a career in Aviation. In her free time, the enjoys going on walks, drawing, fashion, playing video games, and writing (of course).
Megan Cox
Megan Cox, Graphic Design Editor

Megan Cox is a junior at Palatine High School. She is very involved in art at PHS and makes graphics for Cutlass. Cox is a photographer for the school yearbook. In her free time she volunteers at a dog shelter and works at Bead World in Palatine. Cox also spends lots of time with friends. Cox plans on pursuing chemistry or art in her future. She enjoys watching action movies with her dad and sleeping with her dog Arlo. 

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