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Why Lana Del Rey should be appreciated more

Justin Higuchi via Wikimedia Commons
Lana Del Rey performs at the Grammy Museum on October 13, 2019.

Many are familiar with artists like ASAP Rocky, The Weeknd, or Playboi Carti. They are familiar with these works yet miss something they all have in common. These currently trending celebrities and entertainment and they have all worked with or have used the work of Lana Del Rey. Although not what most people would consider a mainstream artist, her music is crucial to trending “popular” artists releases. Lana has multiple songs that put her face on the map, yet never lingering as long as she deserved the recognition.

“I’ve never been a Lana fan, but her features in the music of my favorite rappers and artists have made the songs, especially ones with ASAP Rocky,” Senior Linnea Schneiderwind said.

Linnea is an avid concert goer, and happened to see Lana at a Lollapalooza festival. She explains that her turnout was smaller than other artists, but filled when features came on stage. Their collaborations exposed Lana to a wider audience, sharing techniques and unique styles familiarized her name to music fans, but only in association with those collaborators. Many would say these artists pushed her to the light, yet Lana cultivated a devoted fan base, loyal fans that have always recognized her talent. I believe it takes a certain taste, but there’s no denying her music is unique and contains introspective lyrics. 

“Lana’s performances are from her entire discography, luckily I have the taste to like her constantly changing vibe, because I know many don’t,” Zohaa Chouldrey, who firsthand saw the lack of an audience at her performance at Lollapalooza, said.

Lanas music incorporates dream pop, psychedelic rock, categorized as an alternative pop artist. Her music and work is difficult to label into a single box, and it isn’t uncommon for fans who enjoy one album’s genre to dislike another’s tone and feel. It’s needless to say that Lana Del Ray has had a few big hits, yet music is incredibly subjective in the music industry. 

“I had to grow into Lana’s music, I warmed up to her music through my sister, I just feel like our generation doesn’t appreciate such angelic alluring music, only the few popular TikTok ones” Senior Lindsey Christopher said.

Christopher is an ardent fan of music and the art behind the surface of music. Astonished by Lana’s seemily low performance status, Christopher mentions how she sees many of Lana’s sounds trending, yet most users posting don’t even know who the artist is. 

Lana Del Rey has without a doubt had a successful career, yet with albums such as Lust for Life and Blue Banisters, I’m shocked those alone haven’t skyrocketed her social and music status. Her music is like no other, angelic and powerful. From covers to her own music, no artist has covered more genres than Lana, she is one of the top artists of this generation that doesn’t get the praise she deserves, especially in the creation of Lust for Life.

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Nicole Lizak
Nicole Lizak, Reporter
Nicole Lizak is a senior at Palatine High School that is very passionate about many things when it comes to health, nutrition, sports, and being healthy. She took journalism because she likes writing and has had classes with the teacher before. She is very knowledgeable and works hard for what she wants in life. She has a very good mindset and has people around her that can help guide her and be there for her like her sisters.

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