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Why Home Alone is my go to holiday movie

Home Alone grossed 476 million worlwide when it hit theaters in 1990.
Creative Commons via Wikipedia
Home Alone grossed 476 million worlwide when it hit theaters in 1990.

I remember when I was a little girl, “Home Alone” was introduced to me by my grandma. I’ve watched the movie over and over again and it still makes me laugh every time. “Home Alone” is my No. 1 favorite Christmas movie of all time.

The movie grabs the audience’s attention by a little boy wishing he had no family and the next morning woke up to reality.

“Home Alone” is played on over 12 streaming platforms. The movie first came out on Nov. 16, 1990. There is also a sequel that was released two years after the first one. This movie shows the love/hate relationship with huge families and the dedication of protecting your home on Christmas night from the wet bandits which is all in Macaulay Culkin’s hands. The house where the movie had been filmed is located at 671 Lincoln Ave., Winnetka. On average each year about one thousand people or more go to visit the “Home Alone” house.

Culkin’s character displays the youngest child of five siblings. As well as Kevin in the movie. Kevin lived with not only his parents and siblings but his uncles and aunts as well. The way he had felt in the movie was he was left out and his mother didn’t pay much attention to him. As well as if someone was paying attention to him it seemed as if everything he did it just wasn’t good enough. In most cases the youngest child usually has everything done for them and is living in their own little world.

I see Kevin as a middle-aged man living in an 8-year-old’s body. Usually an 8-year-old child can not do their own laundry or clean without being told to. As well as fight bad guys from robbing their home on Christmas night. As well as just having the guts to fight them off and not call the police is a big accomplishment. The movie reminds you what Christmas is all about and it gives you that warm feeling inside.

The movie isn’t just about Santa bringing presents, it’s about what Christmas is actually all about. The movie isn’t like every other Christmas movie, it is realistic. Now, I’m not saying what happened could actually happen but it is possible. Others may not agree but “Home Alone” is the No. 1 Christmas movie in my book.

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Naomi Bueno, Reporter
Naomi Bueno attends school at Palatine High School. She’s a very great student and stays on task throughout classes and stays on top of work. After school she enjoys hang out with friends and family. She is very passionate about working out and staying fit. She has a job outside of school where she works at 3 days a week. Her favorite season is summer and she loves being outside during that time. To her being independent means to never rely on anyone and you can do things on your own. Naomi believes being a team player means to stay on task and follow the rules, never go behind anyone’s back and be a good sportsmanship. One of Naomi’s biggest academically strengths is that she is able to finish her work last minute. She is a very joyful and caring person.

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