Navigating the transition as a freshman at PHS

Matilda Szymanski shares advice to freshmen on how to successfully survive their freshman year while making the most out of their time in high school.
Matilda Szymanski shares advice to freshmen on how to successfully survive their freshman year while making the most out of their time in high school.
Matilda Szymanski

Time has flown by faster than you thought, and now you stand as a ninth grader looking up at the brand new high school that sits in front of you. The school looked way bigger than you imagined and a sudden overwhelming feeling flooded your mind. 

Leaving middle school and finally heading to high school as a freshman can be a daunting experience for pretty much every student. Even if students say that they’re ready, there most likely is a nervous feeling nagging them. Even though it’s nerve racking, there are many resources available at Palatine High School to help and answer any questions.

“So Advisory was created as a place for information to be disseminated to our freshmen,” Lauren Henderlight, one of the Frosh Advisory teachers, said. “Because there are a lot of changes from going from middle school to high school. So we want to be able to communicate that but it’s difficult to do that in various classes. So now we have a set time where we can explain what the expectations are and just introduce you to the different things at our school.”

Advisory is a great source of information for ninth graders. It’s easy to find out if there are any upcoming events like assemblies or games that students might be interested in going to. 

“I think that environment is nice,” Isabella Thomas, a freshman at Palatine High School, said. “I feel like everybody is very inviting and my teachers are always willing to help me.”

Along with events, Advisory teachers give out tips on how to join activities such as clubs or sports. They also give tips with class management and how to keep your assignments in order. Advisory helps freshmen get more used to the flow of high school and help with any questions or concerns they may have.

“My language and art classes are going well, but I’m having some trouble with my math class,” Mya Christensen, another ninth grader, said.

It’s never too late to ask questions about different things that students still might be uncertain about or talk to their teacher if they are struggling in a class. Teachers and fellow classmates are more than happy to answer any questions. They’re there to help you out.

Being part of different clubs and sports is a good way to feel more included and find passions that weren’t present before. Getting involved can lead to making new friends, finding new passions, and maybe even help find a career path for the future. It doesn’t hurt to try new things and nothing is gonna be forced. 

“Don’t be afraid to try something even if none of your friends are doing it,” Henderlight said. “I know it’s intimidating to show up to a club or a sport but everyone’s welcoming, just don’t be afraid to try new things.”

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