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Mia Ochwat

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Benson Boone taps into deep emotions with his music

Benson Boone via Warner Records
“Beautiful Things” Artwork

Beautiful Things” by Benson Boone is a song about being thankful for what you have and taking the things we love and have for granted. This song is the perfect mix of sad and beautiful. 

Boone’s genre of music is moody pop. This type of music is full of energy and joy. But still has the undertone of meaning and emotion. I love this type of music, especially when my mental health was not at its best. It  was a good way to convey feelings in a way that still made you feel joy in the world and in people. 

One of the lines that speaks to me is “For a while there, it has been rough/ But lately I’ve been doin’ better.”  This shows that even famous people or people that look like they have it all figured out, can have a bad relationship with their mental health and it’s not just you or me. 

My favorite line in Beautiful Things is from the second verse, “If everything’s good and it’s great, why do I sit and wait ‘til it’s gone? Oh, I’ll tell ya, I know I’ve got enough/ I’ve got peace and love/ but I’m up at night thinkin’ I might lose it all.” 

This verse makes such a big impact. It just shows how even the smallest things that you have, you should always be thankful because you never know if it will be taken away. The line, “but I’m up at night thinkin’ I might lose it all.” Talks about praying and forever hoping that he can keep the things that mean the most to him. 

When Boone first started to pursue music, his friend signed him up for American Idol Season 19. From the first audition to the top 24 he amazed people with his sentimental talent. He later released his first single “Ghosttown” in 2021. 

A lyric from that song went viral on TikTok with the line, “maybe I’d be happier with someone else.” This song is about a relationship that has grown cold. And how he suggests to his girlfriend that they should break up so she can find someone that will make her happier. He used this as a way to explain that sometimes the best thing to do for someone that you love is let them go.

This all originated when Benson’s friend would tell him how much his romance was hurting him, not helping him. “I saw that from an outside perspective and wondered what they could have done differently, and how they could have shown how much they care about each other.” 

Finally his song “In The Stars” is his most meaningful and powerful song in my opinion. This song is about his grandmother, GG, passing away, who he was very close to. He used this song as a way to “cope with the loss and contribute these strong emotions into a song” Benson Boone wanted the song to feel like his grandmother was in the stars and will forever be with them, even between heaven and the embers. 

I feel like he is such a good artist and you should listen to his songs to if you are struggling or going through something difficult. He is going on his Fireworks and Rollerblad tour and will be at the Salt Shed in Chicago on April 2-3.

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  • I

    Isabel LawsonFeb 18, 2024 at 3:52 pm

    ❤️He makes us people feel like we’re not alone on all the bad stuff we are going through. He makes us feel happy and forget all that bad
    stuff we are going to all thanks to his nice beautiful music.❤️

    • C

      Charlie LandwehrMar 25, 2024 at 10:43 pm

      He really does! He just released a new song called slow it down!