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Allison Ramirez is a freshman at Palatine High School and is involved in Cutlass, Fashion club, OLAS, ASL, Yearbook and soccer. They enjoy drawing in sketchbooks, especially painting with acrylic paint...

Students witness rare solar eclipse

Astronomy teachers provided telescopes outfitted with solar filters for students to witness the eclipse up close.

Thousands of PHS students gathered at the football field as they watched the moon eclipse the sun last Monday. 

The unusual sight of a partially blocked sun drew the Palatine community together during this rare astronomical event.

“You know, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event around here, and everyone’s together and having a good time,” sophomore Kyle Carlson said.

PHS Astronomy teachers, Mitch Tucker and Sean Fisher-Rohde, were also at the event providing students with the opportunity to learn more about the science behind the eclipse. 

“It’s absolutely fantastic that so many people are out here and interested.” Tucker said. “It’s something that’s really great for our community, and I think that it’s something that really brings our community together.”

Excitement was at an all time high as both students and teachers had their eyes pointed to the sky to witness the spectacle.

“All the music, and just seeing the eclipse is actually very cool,” sophomore Chris Lagunes said.

Lagunes also mentioned that people who were to have the unfortunate luck of missing this year’s solar eclipse would have to wait another 21 years for the next one.

“This is incredible,” astronomy teacher Sean Fisher-Rohde said. “We couldn’t have asked for a better day.” 


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Karim Melek
Karim Melek, News Editor
Karim is a sophomore at Palatine High School and along with being the News editor at Cutlass, Melek is involved in many activities such as Water Polo, Debate, and Model UN. Melek enjoys traveling and was a part of the 2023 German Exchange trip. His favorite hobbies include playing video games, reading about history, and spending time with friends and family. Melek is also an avid coin collector. He hopes to study international relations and political science in the future.
Siomara Valdez
Siomara Valdez, Sports & Photography Editor

Siomara Valdez is a senior at Palatine High School. Valdez is very passionate about photography as it is a hobby of theirs. Valdez went out of their comfort zone to take on new opportunities in photography becoming the color guard photographer for the season. Valdez is a big fan of the band Foo Fighters and wants to one day photograph at one of their concerts. They got recruited into Cutlass at Chipotle and went to the meetings in hopes to improve their photography. After high school, Valdez wants to pursue mass communications as their career and continue photojournalism at Winona State University.

Casimir Heinritz
Casimir Heinritz, Reporter

Casey Heinritz is a sophomore at Palatine High School. Besides writing and taking photos for Cutlass, Heinritz is a tennis player and yearbook photographer. Some of Heinritz's favorite activities are biking, walking his dogs, and cooking. His favorite dish to make is soft tacos. In the future, Heinritz wants to be an electrician. He’s currently taking electronics at PHS. 

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