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Why Graduate Early?

courtesy of the d211 website
District 211 is the second largest high school district in Illinois.

Students every year have the opportunity to graduate school earlier than expected, but many don’t know it. Every year many students have the choice to graduate one year earlier, they take the chance and start out in the real world sooner than most students. 

They have many choices after high school like any other student that were to graduate high school in four years. Great choices and the most common would be to apply to a community college or if they have a scholarship they can easily start their studying. Other possibilities that go well would be to start working right after high school, earning an online degree, taking a gap year, or joining the military are common options.

Not every rewarding career requires a college degree,” according to The American Academy. “Many trades, such as electrician, plumber, and construction worker, begin with on-the-job apprenticeships and other forms of training.” 

I agree with the statement because people around me have become successful without college and build themselves up into a better person by starting at a job right out of high school with no one else’s help. That shows much responsibility and a very  good level of maturity. 

However students might want to take the chance and graduate early; it’s most likely not for everyone. Although graduating high school sounds thrilling, it may be an issue for someone who’s trying to get a scholarship to a university and most colleges. Some colleges don’t mind at all, but many have high standards and requirements that need to be met for a scholarship, Universities might be even more difficult to get in due to their high standards. Of course that wouldn’t really be a problem for an athlete who’s someone who works hard at their sport and is offered many scholarships usually early on in their high school career.

According to College Raptor, graduating early from high school is not for the faint-hearted. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and give up midway. It requires a lot of self-discipline and commitment to stay the course and not give up.

I would agree with this statement only because it’s true. If you don’t get mentally prepared to wake up on your own with your own schedule and your own time, it’ll only get worse when you leave high school earlier than usual.


There’s multiple reasons why or why not to graduate early. And it’s a both good and bad idea but it all depends on the person, whether they like taking risks and chances, shows how much they truly believe in themselves.

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Jael Hernandez
Jael Hernandez, Reporter
Jael Hernandez is a sophomore at Palatine High School. Hernandez is very determined to graduate a year early. She has a love hate relationship with school and will one day pursue her dreams of becoming a realtor. Outside of school Hernandez likes to workout, draw, hangout with friends, and take naps. One of her favorite places to eat is Wingstop. Over the weekend her little cousin Sophia comes over to her house; Sophia loves to play Roblox with Hernandez; she does so to make Sophia happy. She loves to do her makeup everyday for school which means she has to wake up early to do so.

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