Second in state: A long-lived legacy


Congrats to PHS girl’s XC

Rebecca Duran, Reporter

Palatine High School cross country has been a successful program for decades, with its share of going ups and down but never quitting. Every loss has been met with an even greater vigor to improve and drive to succeed.

Two years ago, the team placed a disappointing tenth place; it provided the drive to come back and claim a second place trophy this past Saturday at Detweiler Park in Peoria, Illinois.

With this win Palatine racks up fourteen total trophies, far more than any other AAA team in the state. With two all-state runners in the top twenty-five finishers, Palatine also set team records for all of IHSA. For a three mile race, it placed all of its seven runners into the finish in under 18 minutes– faster than a six minute mile pace– a feat never before accomplished at the high school level.

Placing at a meet as competitive as the AAA state competition was no happy accident, however. The team was hand picked, it was made up of girls who would do everything it took to win. These girls included Kelly O’Brien (’16), Amy Kieliszewski (’15), Megan Beach (’15), Sam Lechowicz (’16), Kara Burton (’15), Anna Buckstaff (’17), and Lauryn Simons (’18).

Every one of the seven girls set a personal record time for the three mile race. They honed in on the details, but managed to maintain perspective of the race at large, focusing on where they were, but also being conscious of the positions of their teammates. The ability to rely upon each other made all the difference.

“Seeing everyone step up was really great, seeing how much everyone wanted it and giving it all for the team was really inspiring,” said senior Megan Beach.

Beach was the third Palatine runner through the finish, pushing through every last step in the final four hundred meters.

When asked about the best part of the meet and their work as a whole, senior Kara Burton responded, “Finishing and realizing that everyone on the team had just run the best race they’d ever run.”

Indeed, scoring runners all in at a personal was because of something greater than running for individual glory. These runners did it for their team, for their family and for the school. Every workout, core session, dual meet, and bus ride made the team and its attitude a recipe for success.

Through hard work and months of preparation, the girls were able to deliver the race of their lives when it mattered most. Congratulations, ladies! Way to represent yourselves, your team, and your school. As your student body, we are so proud of you. Go Pirates!!

To view pictures of the Nov 10 recognition assembly click here.