‘Reality Boy’ proves its worth for the Top 16 List

Centered around a boy named Gerald Faust, Reality Boy by A. S. King is one of the Top 16 Books featured in our Media Center.

Photo via Little, Brown, and Company publishers under Creative Commons license

Centered around a boy named Gerald Faust, “Reality Boy” by A. S. King is one of the Top 16 Books featured in our Media Center.

Sabrina Brons, Reporter

Imagine living like Kim Kardashian: having your own TV show, being so rich and famous that they create an app after your life. Seems like the perfect life for everyone except Gerald Faust. Gerald is a shy, ordinary boy except for the fact that when he was a kid he was on a reality TV show that ruined his life forever.

Gerald Faust is the star of both the book “Reality Boy” by A.S. King as well as the star of the book’s reality television show, “Network Nanny”. But to Gerald, being the star of a reality TV show wasn’t all good. The show caused a split in his family and also gave him major anger management problems. He lived years suffering through the pain of a messed up childhood knowing that everyone knew his secrets. That is, until he met someone who changed his life forever. Gerald suddenly didn’t feel alone, he had more than just his sister, Lisi, now. He had a friend.

“Reality Boy” by A.S. King is a great read that you won’t expect coming. King wrote with such passion that you feel as if you are talking to Gerald and he is telling you this story. A refreshing change to other teenage novels, “Reality Boy” is a for sure read that every student should check out from the media center.

This amazing novel is one of 16 books that you can find on the Top 16 list in the Media Center. All of the books have been chosen to be on the list because they are some of the best books of the year for teens. If you have to read one book this whole year, make sure it’s one from the Top 16!

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