‘Inhuman’ is an incredible read

Sabrina Brons, Reporter

As kids we dreamed of being able to be part animal, but we never imagined that being able to be like our favorite animal could one day kill us.

“Inhuman” by Kat Falls tells the story of a world of half-animal half-humans that became bloodthirsty beasts. Their society diagnoses the people who are like this what is called “the Feral”. Due to this outbreak, a wall went up on the West side of the Mississippi River separating the East from the West: the Ferals from the humans.

Most of the humans are scared of the wall, but not Lane McEvoy. She’s always been curious and when she finds out that her dad was mysteriously found crossing the border, she goes on an unimaginable quest to find him with only the aid of her dad’s satchel and stories to guide her. Along the way, Lane comes across two humans, one police officer and one hunter, who agree to help her cross the River and go deeper then ever imagined into the Feral.

“Inhuman” is a fast-paced, twisting story that is sure to keep you on your feet. Taking place in a dystopian society, it sets the stage like every other young adult novel, but quickly takes a new course as the plot thickens and your heart races.

As the novel came to a close, I found myself wanting more and more, not convinced that the book was actually ending. I turned the last page and couldn’t believe that the story was over and the new void in my stomach would be unclenched. But not to worry, I soon discovered that Kat Falls will be releasing a sequel soon, and then after that another book.

This trilogy is sure to be full of surprises and should definitely be on the top of your reading list. I can promise that it won’t be a waste of your time and in a couple years this novel may even come to life on the big screen.

Be sure to check out “Inhuman” by Kat Falls at the media center in the near future.