Talented Pirates to perform at Variety Show


Paige Powell

(From left to right) Brock Brown, Andy Campbell, and Nate Carlson performing Uptown Funk in Variety Show rehearsal.

Sarah Nagel, Reporter

This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, at 7pm in the auditorium, the Variety Show comes to PHS!

Tickets are available this week, and everyone is welcome. Admission for students are $5, and $8 for adults. Bring your friends, neighbors, parents, siblings, cousins, or anyone else you can think of to this fun event!

Social studies teacher Julie Van Grimbergen said, “There are so many talented students that try out for the show and they take the best thirty acts with the most variety.”

This year the theme of the variety show is red carpet. The title of the show is “Snap!” like the snap of a camera or paparazzi.

“We have students from every walk of life in this show. The sound is phenomenal, the voices are phenomenal, the dances are phenomenal, it’s just so good. There is something in the show for everyone.” Deanna Wright, an occupational therapist who works in the special ed department, said.